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All of our NSDC courses come with mandatory electives that train you on Leadership, Time-Management, Computer, English Grammar & Communication Skills. 



Our NSDC programs rely heavily on practical on-the-job problem solving skills through case-studies, real-world exercises and business internship & mentoring.


We simulate real-world situations to help you expand your knowledge & hone your critical thinking, team-work & social skills to give you an edge over others in the work-environment.


We have over a century of first-hand experience of what it takes to create a successful career. We know the kind of skills missing in the Indian market, how to master them and create yourself to be an asset that every employer will compete for!!! We also know what it takes to successfully create a Start-Up Business and how to grow it beyond your dreams!! We can even teach you how to raise business loans up to Rs. 10 million with zero collateral security!

At Anuna Education, we believe that one needs to create value in one's self by not only learning the Core-Skills required to do a job correctly, but also grow that value exponentially by cultivating certain Life Skills such as leadership & time-management. Good verbal & non-verbal communications skills combined with the knowledge of how to sell yourself properly can really propel your career to new heights!


Most of Anuna Education's courses are designed for "horizontal" job roles such as Entrepreneurship, Management, Finance & Sales - that are largely applicable in any "vertical" industry. Whether you have a science, engineering, medical or arts background - Anuna Education provides you with professional management skills with the freedom to create your own unique career path! Also, our International standard NSDC certification & industry partnerships qualify you to work not only in India but also in Middle-East, SE Asia & Europe!!!



State-of-Art Wifi Campuses with AC Computer Labs

When it comes to infrastructure, we don't compromise! With your own life-long email id, facebook, youtube & google apps training, be ready to enter the tech revolution!

Internationally Recognized Certification Valid in Europe & Middle East

Since NSDC certification is based on other international standards such NQF UK covering job levels 1-8. Your NSDC certificate is valid for that job level across the world!

Placement Tie-Ups & Internship Opportunities

Free Career Counseling & Periodic Personal Growth Assessments

Our experienced counsellors evaluate your personality, background, family circumstances, talent & aspirations to help guide you on the right career path. This is a life-long free service!

Incubation, Mentoring & Finance Facilitation for Entrepreneurs 

Our Entrepreneurship Program graduates can avail incubation & mentioning services and qualify for zero collateral government backed business start-up loans up to Rs. 1,00,00,000!

Practical-Driven Approach to Encourage Problem Solving Skills

Industry Approved Curriculum, Content & 3rd Party Assessment

NSDC means standards and you can not have standards without 3rd party assessments & industry participation. This creates unparalleled value in NSDC certificates & You!

Multiple Integrated Certificates - NSDC, DOEACC, MSME, etc.

We grow the value of your NSDC course by allowing you to integrate multiple essential entry-level certificates such as English Comm., CCC, MS Office, etc. for free!

Best-in-Class Industry Experienced Faculties

Through our partners we organize job-fairs and placement workshops. We also have tie-ups with Middle-East placement agencies for campus placement. We also have a dedicated placement cell who works with each student individually for life!

Our students outshine their competition through a more practical, critical thinking and problem-solving approach to group learning practised at Anuna Education. This keeps our employers happy too!

Most of our Academic Council members are PhD holders and subject matter experts having years of international teaching experience!

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