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Anuna Skills Europe

Anuna Skills Europe "ASE" is an agency that, on the basis of a special program of adaptation and education, finds and mediates the employment of labor from Asia to Europe.


Finding a worker can be very challenging and often more than just help with hiring and solving the necessary documentation is needed. Therefore, ASE helps in institutional cooperation and education of participants to better meet the expectations of all involved parties. This is precisely why it is a priority for us that people chosen by employers go through a specially adapted educational program tailored to the individual needs of the job so that time is not wasted on onboarding, because efficiency is important - in the shortest possible time. 


How do we do that?


ASE offers affordable vocational training programs for young people. We start at the bottom of the pyramid to bridge the global labor shortage. We believe that education is the key to creating a better future for everyone. Our parent entity, Anuna Education Network, is a funded partner of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), working under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of the Government of India, and is also affiliated with various Sector Skill Councils (SSCs), the Project Implementation Agency (PIA) and takes part in other Government programs.

Our approach speaks in favor of seriousness when it comes to hiring and finding workers because their knowledge and skills will be adapted to your needs. All potential workers pass our External Talent Hub. Equally important as the preparation of future employees is transparency because we want to remove any unknowns so that all contractual parties are satisfied.

Plan in advance what type of workforce you need, what these new employees need to know and what skills they need to have so that you can respond to new challenges in a timely manner and responsibly manage human resources with the help of our educational platform.

Anuna can help you find workers in the field of healthcare (nurses, nursing staff and hospital support staff), the construction sector (qualified construction workers), logistics (warehousers, supply chain workers), hospitality (qualified workers in the hotel industry and tourism), trade (qualified Workers in retail and e-commerce), the clothing industry (tailors and skilled workers in this area), the food industry (cooks, bakers and packers), the automotive industry (skilled mechanical engineering workers and mechanics) and agriculture (skilled seasonal and permanent workers in agriculture) and other fields of the economy.

We would be happy to become your partner in finding and preparing workers for your market, where you have your own external hub of qualified workers.


Hiring process in 10 steps:


1. Labor demand

2. Interviews and exams by ASE

3. Proposing the best-fit candidates for your company

4. Sending the employee's CV

5. Interview with the selected candidates and job description

6. Scholarships and school fees for employees attending the above programs

7. Collecting the necessary documents required for the arrival of workers

8. Preparing workers for the labor market in which they will work through the above training.

9. Monitoring a selected candidate, especially the potential requirement to acquire additional skills based on the individual employer’s needs and the required mastery of language

10. Advising clients on the procedure for employment and registration of workers


Visit us on our website or contact us via to make an appointment and obtain the answers to your questions in much more detail.

Let’s Work Together

B73 Nirala Nagar

Lucknow, UP 226020 India

Tel: +91 522 405 2600

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