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Register to Work in Europe

Build Your Healthcare Career in Europe

Dr. Naren Agarwal

Senior Thoracic Surgeon & Chief of Selection Committee for EU Healthcare Placement Program

MBBS, MS, DNB, FCPS (Surgery)

Registration Now Open for Nurses, Caregivers & Hospital Support Staff!

  • This Healthcare Placement in Europe Program is structured as a 1-3 year On-The-Job-Training that lets you gain European Union work experience

  • You will learn on the job while earning a salary on work permit

  • Local housing, food & travel support shall be provided

  • You will have the option to learn a new language & move to another EU country for a higher salary

  • You will also have the option of becoming a Permanent Residence in the EU and avail of all the benefits such as bringing family over on PR, free schooling for children, healthcare coverage, etc.

  • You will have a counselor assigned to you from our side to help you settle and help you progress your career & earning

Types of Available Job Roles

Healthcare Registration
Nursing an Elderly

I want to register for the EU Healthcare Worker Program!

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Thank You For Registering! We Will Contact You Soon.

Process & Fees:
  1. Total Program fees are up to 30% of the Annual Salary

    • Program fees include OJT fees & EU work experience certificate​

    • Local hand-holding & support

    • Processing of Work Permit & Visa

    • One-way flight tickets

  2. Registration - ₹99999 + GST

    • Registration fee includes verification & document checking​

    • Registration saves you a spot in the list of candidates that will be short-listed for interviews

    • You will get a call from our office with a step-by-step explanation of the selection process

    • It also includes an online English Communication Test

  3. Video Interview 

  4. Practical Skill Test

  5. Shortlisting by Employer & Issuance of Offer Letter

  6. Payment of 50% fees, refundable in case work permit not granted

  7. Police Verification, submission of Passport & required documents to the Embassy for Issuance of Work Visa

  8. Issuance of Work Permit Visa & booking of tickets

  9. Pre-departure Orientation Seminar with information on country, culture, etiquette, work environment, staying & food arrangements, etc.

  10. Arrival in EU & joining at the workplace.

    • The entire process from registration to joining normally takes 3-4 months only!

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